ACORN Billing & Student Information

ACORN provides students of the University of Toronto with direct access to certain portions of their University records. To gain access to ACORN, a valid UTORid or JOINid and password are required.

University of Toronto students (invited and current) are the only individuals authorized to use this system.  Students must not disclose or share their passwords, nor permit others to access this system for any purpose whatsoever. Providing anyone with your UTORid/JOINid and password for any purpose including to make a credit card payment is prohibited, and unauthorized use of University computing systems and may result in the loss of access to University technology and other consequences.

Misuse of the University system, including the use of an unauthorized or invalid credit card or the use of passwords and UTORid or JOINid by anyone other than the student to whom they were issued, could constitute a criminal offence and/or a violation of the U of T Code of Student Conduct.  Offences under the Code of Conduct are subject to penalties up to and including suspension or expulsion.

Record your Canadian bank account information on ACORN to get quicker tuition and award refund payments.

Record your current mailing address to ensure that refund cheques and/or tax receipts that are mailed to the correct address.  Award refund cheques with international addresses will not be mailed.  It can take 2-3 weeks to re-issue a cheque.