Make a Fee Payment From Outside of Canada

You can pay from outside of Canada If you are paying from a bank outside of Canada or you have a non-Canadian dollar denominated Mastercard or Visa credit card.  The University does not accept wire transfer payments or bankdrafts/money orders in Canadian funds .

The University of Toronto has authorized Western Union Business Solutions to process incoming international student tuition and residence fee payments for the University of Toronto via WU GlobalPay for Students service. There are bank-to-bank payment and online options for non-Canadian denominated credit cards (Master card, Visa, Unionpay). This is the safest and most secure payment option.

  • You are responsible for planning sufficient time for payments

    To reach the University and to be recorded in the student’s ACORN account by the payment due date (registration and post-registration).

    View Fee Payment & Monthly Service Charge Billing Deadlines.

    Do not pay more than your tuition and residence fees for the session

    Payments for student living expenses should be not sent to the University.  The University reserves the right to hold payments in excess of the tuition and residence fees for a subsequent session or to return to the sender.

    Keep your receipt or your fee payment verification/confirmation number.

    This is proof of payment and is required to investigate any payment problems.

    All payments are applied to the oldest outstanding charge on the ACORN invoice.

    There is no distinction between the type of charge, e.g. residence fees, academic fees, etc.

    Refunds are issued to the student by direct deposit or cheque (no credit card refunding).

    Refunds are issued to the student even if someone else made the fee payment.

    View Information on ‘ Making a Refund Request.

    Set up a Canadian Bank account.

    Setting up a Canadian bank account will allow fee payments to be made by bank transfer from Canadian bank.

  • Preferred Payment Option

    The University of Toronto has authorized Western Union Business Solutions to process incoming international student tuition and residence fee payments for the University of Toronto via WU GlobalPay for Students service. The University does not accept wire transfer payments.

    You pay the Canadian dollar fee payment in the currency of choice online or at a local bank at a competitive exchange rate and with NO transaction charges from WU GlobalPay or the University of Toronto. Payment options include Alipay, iDeal, NetBanking, POLIpayments, SOFORT, Tenpay, and Trustly.


    How it Works

    Your local bank or online payment partner will transfer your local currency fee payment to Western Union, and Western Union will convert your fee payment into Canadian dollars and direct the payment to the University of Toronto. The payment will be converted by WU at the rate the student has locked-in and is guaranteed for 72 hours. The payment will then be delivered directly to the University of Toronto with student identification information within 2-3 business days.

    This is not a payment through Western Union Agent locations (except in the case of some payments from India). You are paying into a Western Union bank account, and then Western Union will deposit the payment in Canadian dollars into the University of Toronto bank account.

    If your educational bank loan must be deposited directly into the University of Toronto’s bank account, the WU Global Pay for Students service will process your payment and deposit directly into the University of Toronto bank account. If your bank requires further assurance of this, you can email to request a letter that confirms the process (please record ‘Educational Loan Payment Option’ in email subject line).

    Click on WU Global pay, then you will be transferred to a secure website and follow the instructions on how to complete the payment to a local banking institution in your currency of choice.

  • Step 1: Start the payment process:

    1. Click here to begin the WU GlobalPay for Students payment process.
    2. Read the disclaimer information and click to confirm agreement.
    3. This will take you to the Western Union GlobalPay for Students payment website

    Step 2: Record payment information:

    1. Select the country you are paying from
    2. Record the payment amount in CAD
    3. Select your preferred method of payment
    4. Record Student and Payer Information

    Step 3: Make the payment within 72 hours.  You cannot request another quote within the 72 hours period.

    1. If you pay by online payment option: you will be redirected to the partner website: Geoswift, Alipay, UnionPay, Netbanking,Trustly, Sofort, etc.
    2. If you pay by bank transfer, make the payment using the WU GPS payment instructions.
      • Take the banking instructions to YOUR BANK (DO NOT take your bank instructions to a Western Union retail outlet) immediately to ensure that the payment is transferred to Western Union within 72 hours to lock in the quoted exchange rate.
      • The exchange rate quoted will remain valid for 72 hours during which time you or the payer must take the banking instructions to your bank, who will initiate the transfer of funds through Western Union for credit to the University of Toronto.
      • In the event Western Union receives your payment after the 72 hour period Western Union shall use the current exchange rate to convert the currency.

    Step 4: Track your payment.

    Step 5: Verify payment on your ACORN account.

    After 2-3 business days, check the ACORN Payment Report to that the payment has been recorded in your ACORN account.

  • If you must pay tuition fees for your first year before the fees are billed (fall-winter session fees are billed in mid-July) as part of a student visa application process e.g. Student Direct Stream program, the estimated tuition fee amount will be displayed on your admissions offer and on the Finances card on the ACORN dashboard.

    The Tuition Estimate for Proof of Payment amount is an estimate that does not include incidental, ancillary, and UHIP (for International students) fees. If you are required to make an admissions deposit payment, deduct the admissions payment amount from the Tuition Estimate amount.

    Make your prepayment through WU Globalpay for Students  delivered to the Student Accounts Office (include a copy of your admissions letter so that the payment will be recorded in your ACORN account).

    If full payment has been recorded in your ACORN account by April 16, 2020 (Summer admission) or by July 16, 2020 (Fall-Winter admission), you will be able to download a PDF receipt on ACORN to include along with your Student Direct Stream Application.

    The fee payment can be held until tuition fees for the session are billed.

    To ensure that your registration status will change from ‘Invited to Register’ to ‘Registered’.

    • Check your ACORN invoice in mid-July (for Fall-Winter session) or mid-April (for Summer session) and pay outstanding fees during the registration period for automatic registration in the session.

    If no outstanding fees, then contact the college registrar’s office (undergraduate or TST) or SGS Student Services during the registration period to request manual registration to ensure that your registration status has changed from ‘Invited to Register’ to ‘Registered’.