Current Fall-Winter Fee & Refund Schedules

2024 Fall – 2025 Winter divisional tuition fee & refund schedules

Tuition Fee schedules for 2024-25, can be viewed on the Planning and Budget website.

The University’s Tuition Fee Level Commitment for Continuing Students provides information for students from cohorts not explicitly referred to in the fee tables and tuition fees in future years.

All fees are subject to approval by the Governing Council. Fees may be subject to change and will be billed or reversed according to our standard procedures.

Information to consider as you review your divisional fee schedule:

  • Student society rebates:

    Student society fees are billed on your ACORN invoice.  Some student societies will refund the student for health and dental plan and other fees. Student society opt out application deadlines are set by each student society and are only available within limited periods (usually in September at the beginning of a session).  The student society or health services provider will send an insurance plan refund cheque to you..

Students who are not a Canadian citizen or Permanent Resident:

Pay the international student fee unless the student has received an International Fee Exemption.

Schedules will be added as completed.

Published fee schedules display fee amounts billed at the beginning of the Fall-Winter billing session and will not be updated in event of a fee change.