Prepayment from Outside of Canada

If you must pay tuition fees for your first year before the fees are billed (fall-winter session fees are billed in mid-July) as part of a student visa application process e.g. Student Direct Stream program, the estimated tuition fee amount will be displayed on your admissions offer and on the Finances card on the ACORN dashboard.

The Tuition Estimate for Proof of Payment amount is an estimate that does not include incidental, ancillary, and UHIP (for International students) fees. If you are required to make an admissions deposit payment, deduct the admissions payment amount from the Tuition Estimate amount.

Make your prepayment to the Student Receivables & Accounting Office through Convera  or Flywire . If you select another fee payment service provider, you do so at your own risk, and refunding of these fee payments requires additional approvals and longer processing time.

If full payment of the estimated tuition fee amount has been recorded in your ACORN account by Friday April 12, 2024 (Summer admission) or by Friday July 12, 2024 (Fall-Winter admission), you will be able to download a PDF receipt on ACORN to include along with your Student Direct Stream Application. The fee payment can be held until tuition fees for the session are billed.

If a portion or all of the estimated first year tuition fee amount will be paid by University of Toronto scholarship/award funding, your division will issue the Proof of Tuition Payment letter:

To ensure that your registration status will change from ‘Invited to Register’ to ‘Registered’.

  • Check your ACORN invoice in mid-July (for Fall-Winter session) or mid-April (for Summer session) and pay outstanding fees during the registration period for automatic registration in the session.
  • If no outstanding fees, then contact the college registrar’s office (undergraduate or TST) or SGS Student Services during the registration period to request manual registration to ensure that your registration status has changed from ‘Invited to Register’ to ‘Registered’.