Refund FAQs

    • Don’t throw the cheque away or write on the cheque.
    • Contact Student Accounts at for instructions.
    • Incorrect recipient names rarely occur but if this is the case, you must change the name on record by providing your registrar’s office with proof of name. The name change will then be recorded on ACORN so that a cheque can be re-issued.
  • To report a missing or lost cheque, please complete the Stop Payment Form online by visiting

    You will find the form by selecting Online Forms and then Stop Payment. Your UTORid is required to complete this form.

    Your replacement options include: a replacement cheque, direct deposit or to apply the funds to ACORN. Once the form is submitted, you will receive a ticket email from the Enterprise Service Centre that you can monitor through the Enrolment Services portal. The replacement process takes 2 – 3 weeks after the form is received by the University.

    If you do not have an active UTORid please visit and click on Get Help to submit your request to receive a Stop Payment form. Please include your full name and student number when submitting your ticket.

    • If the combination of bank account numbers recorded on ACORN is invalid, the refund payment will be rejected by the financial institution and returned to the University within 3-5 business days.  Then the banking information date on ACORN will be terminated by Student Accounts to block further direct deposit transfers to the wrong bank account. Student Accounts will issue a cheque attached to an explanatory letter which will be mailed to you.
    • If a direct deposit transfer or cheque has not been received after 10 business days, please contact Student Accounts at
    • Cheques are considered to be staled dated after six months from the date the cheque was issued.
    • Start the re-issue process by ensuring that your address and/or bank account details are updated on ACORN under Profile and Settings.
    • Request cheque replacement by contacting Student Accounts at Include your student number and attach a copy of your cheque(s).
    • The cheque replacement process can take 2 to 3 weeks after Student Accounts confirms receipt of your request.
    • Return the cheque to Student Accounts, by mail or in person and ask us to redeposit this to your account as payment towards your new balance owing.
    • Include your name and student number with the request.
  • If payments exceed the amount of the fees billed on your ACORN invoice for the session or no fees were billed, or a payment for living expenses was made to the University, the University reserves the right to hold payments in excess of the tuition and residence fees for a subsequent session or to return to the sender or to request that the student contact his/her bank to recall the payment.

  • No interest will accrue on payments that are eventually refunded, either in part or in full.