ACORN Payment Report

View your ACORN invoice starting in mid-July for the Fall-Winter session and mid-April for the Summer session.  ACORN tuition fee billing marks the beginning of the registration period for each session.

Complete your registration for each session by making a payment or obtaining a tuition deferral (register without payment) by your division’s Fall-Winter Pay or Defer to Register deadline or Summer Pay or Defer to Register deadline to avoid course enrolment and registration cancellation.

If you did not fully pay the fees for the session at the time of registration, there are separate Fall and Winter term fee payment deadlines and Summer session full fee payment deadlines and monthly service charge fee billing schedules.

Monthly service charge fees for late fee payments will be billed on your ACORN invoice on the 15th of every month at a monthly rate of 1.5% compounded (19.56% per annum) until paid in full.  View Restrictions on Past Due Accounts for information about other restrictions

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View the Guide to Reading Your Invoice