Award refund cheques with international addresses are held at Student Accounts, University Registrar’s Office

The Student Accounts Office will hold award refund cheques issued with an international mailing address for a period of up to six months after the Award Refund date displayed in your ACORN invoice. Cheques are considered staledated after six months from the date on the cheque.

To view the details of your award (including the award name, amount and payment method), login to  ACORN and click My Awards.

Update your mailing address or direct deposit information in  ACORN:

  1. Update your direct deposit information (fastest and most secure way to receive your funds): watch this video or read the instructions here (under “Finances” click on “Direct Deposit”)
  2. Update your address to provide a Canadian mailing address: visit details on how to update your address

After ACORN has been updated, contact the Student Accounts team through the University Registrar’s Service Portal, to arrange for the delivery of your award funds. Once you have logged into the UofT Service Portal, select the “Get Help” button and complete the form to request your refund.

Indicate on the form which of the following applies to you:

  1. I’ve updated my direct deposit information. Your funds will be sent via electronic bank transfer. This is a two step process, and processing times vary. Student Accounts will re-deposit your refund cheque into your ACORN account. Then a direct deposit refund will be processed.
  2. I’ve updated my mailing address, please mail the cheque to the Canadian mailing address available in ACORN.
  3. Apply the award funds to my ACORN student account as payment towards my tuition.

If you require additional assistance or would like to speak to someone to make alternative arrangements, please contact the Student Accounts team through the University Registrar’s Service Portal